„B”efore puppies

„B”efore puppies of Treowecorgi


17th January 2022

7 puppies (3 males / 4 females)
1 red/white boy
1 red/white girl
1 tricolor boy
1 tricolor girl (nbt)
1 dilute red/white boy (nbt)
2 dilute tricolor girls (nbt)

and 2 little angels who didn’t make it and we will always remember, honored names Before Heaven’s Gate (tricolor boy) & Before Angel Wings (dilute tri girl nbt)

sire: EJW 2021, JCH SRB, HUN;  CH SRB, HUN, SLO;  HUN JCW,  CZ JCW,  JBIS, JBIS3, JBOG, multiple BOG, CRUFT’S qualified 2023, ISTRA WINNER 2022,
 NHAT Born to Be Your Morning Dreams Come Treowe (nbt) “Louis”

HD: A, ED: BL OCD free
Eyes: clear

DM, vWD1, EIC, PRA, HUU, MDR1 DNA NORMAL, Fluffy free

dam: JCh, Ch, HWT, IHT1-TS I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas  „Pipacs”
HD: B, ED: 0
Eyes: clear

DM Carrier, vWD1, EIC, PRA, MDR1, HUU clear

Parents of our „B”efore litter are versatile, kind, active, intelligent with nice drive, good off switch when needed, good herding instinct and adorable character ❤
We expect their puppies to be just like their parents ❤
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


More about PIPACS                                                       More about LOUIS


Before Sunset of Treowecorgi
red/white boy
bw: 308 g

He lives  in co-ownership in Hungary
Will be active in show world and he will try different canine sports
NHAT excellent
3 x Best Baby in Breed ❤


Before You Go of Treowecorgi
red/white girl
bw: 269 g

Lives in Czech Republic
She will be active in show world, hoopers/herding/obedience


Before Midnight of Treowecorgi
tricolor boy
bw: 285 g

Lives in Czech Republic
Active Pet


Before Sunrise of Treowecorgi (nbt)
tricolor girl
bw: 261 g

Lives in co-ownership in Hungary
She will be active in nose work, dog dancing, herding, hoopers, dog shows
NHAT excellent


Before Afterglow of Treowecorgi (nbt)
dilute tricolor girl
bw: 236 g

Lives in Czech Republic
Canine therapy, Nose work, Service dog


Before Dawn of Treowecorgi (nbt)
dilute tricolor girl
bw: 191 g

Lives in Czech Republic
Active Pet, Hoopers


Before Dusk of Treowecorgi (nbt)
dilute red/white boy
bw: 244 g

Lives in Bulgaria
Active Pet,  Hiking