„C”astle puppies

„C”astle puppies of Treowecorgi

12 December 2022

9 puppies (6 males / 3 females)
1 red/white boy
2 red/white girls (1 nbt)
5 tricolor boys (3 nbt)
1 tricolor girl 



sire: EJW 2021, C.I.B., JCH SRB, HUN;  CH SRB, HUN, SLO;  HUN JCW,  CZ JCW,  JBIS, JBIS3, JBOG, multiple BOG, CRUFT’S qualified 2023, ISTRA WINNER 2022,
 NHAT, HWT Born to Be Your Morning Dreams Come Treowe (nbt) “Louis”

HD: A, ED: BL, OCD free
Eyes: clear
DM, vWD1, EIC, PRA, HUU, MDR1 DNA NORMAL, Fluffy free

dam: JCh SRB, Ch , NHAT, HWT Averoya Winds of Treowecorgi „Gyopár”
HD: A/B, ED: 0, OCD free
Eyes: clear
DM Carrier, vWD1, EIC, PRA, MDR1, HUU clear, X-SCID Normal

Parents of our „C”astle litter are versatile, kind, active, intelligent with nice drive, good off switch when needed, good herding instinct and adorable character ❤
We expect their puppies to be just like their parents ❤
Our Castle babies were the most amazing pups we ever had till now in our breeding program. The whole litter was very similar, no big differences in temperament, character. Very versatile pups, motivated by toys and food, very intelligent, eager to work, atteched to humans, seeking for attention. They had a wonderful toy drive since the beggining and a nice retrieving affinity from a really young age (see them on videos). Loved to clicker train with them, every minute it was a joy.  ❤


Balmoral Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 1 – RHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in Hungary
Active pet


Beaumaris Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 2 – RHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in Hungary

Active pet


Rhaglan Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 3 – red/white
Lives in Bulgaria
Obedience, Shows


Conwy Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 4 – BHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in France
Obedience, Herding, Shows


Highclere Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 1 – BHT tricolor
Lives in Hungary
Active Pet


Windsor Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 2 red/white
Lives in Poland
Agility, Hiking, Shows


Harlech Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 5 – RHT tricolor
Lives in Czech Republic
Active Pet


Dover Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 6 – RHT tricolor
Lives in Pennsylvania

Herding, Obedience, Shows


Arundel Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 3 – red/white – nbt
Lives in California
Herding, Scent work, Obedience, Shows