„C”astle puppies

„C”astle puppies of Treowecorgi

12 December 2022

9 puppies (6 males / 3 females)
1 red/white boy
2 red/white girls (1 nbt)
5 tricolor boys (3 nbt)
1 tricolor girl 



sire: EJW 2021, JCH SRB, HUN;  CH SRB, HUN, SLO;  HUN JCW,  CZ JCW,  JBIS, JBIS3, JBOG, multiple BOG, CRUFT’S qualified 2023, ISTRA WINNER 2022,
 NHAT Born to Be Your Morning Dreams Come Treowe (nbt) “Louis”

HD: A, ED: BL, OCD free
Eyes: clear
DM, vWD1, EIC, PRA, HUU, MDR1 DNA NORMAL, Fluffy free

dam: JCh SRB, Ch , NHAT Averoya Winds of Treowecorgi „Gyopár”
HD: A/B, ED: 0, OCD free
Eyes: clear
DM Carrier, vWD1, EIC, PRA, MDR1, HUU clear, X-SCID Normal

Parents of our „C”astle litter are versatile, kind, active, intelligent with nice drive, good off switch when needed, good herding instinct and adorable character ❤
We expect their puppies to be just like their parents ❤


Balmoral Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 1 – RHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in Hungary
Active pet


Beaumaris Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 2 – RHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in Hungary

Active pet


Rhaglan Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 3 – red/white
Lives in Bulgaria
Obedience, Shows


Conwy Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 4 – BHT tricolor – nbt
Lives in France
Obedience, Herding, Shows


Highclere Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 1 – BHT tricolor
Lives in Hungary
Active Pet


Windsor Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 2 red/white
Lives in Poland
Agility, Hiking, Shows


Harlech Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 5 – RHT tricolor
Lives in Czech Republic
Active Pet


Dover Castle of Treowecorgi
boy 6 – RHT tricolor
Lives in Pennsylvania

Herding, Obedience, Shows


Arundel Castle of Treowecorgi
girl 3 – red/white – nbt
Lives in California
Herding, Scent work, Obedience, Shows