Research the Breed

If you have  decided to welcome  a purebred  Welsh Corgi Pembroke in your family, the very first step that we recommend is researching the breed. Corgis are not for everyone, as they are a breed that needs training and  dedicated exercise time every day . In general they are very strong minded. You have to be able to handle their stubbornness and their activity level, if it is a high one. They can be barky, disobedient, they shed a lot. They were bred for cattle herding  who needed the energy to work. You have to be sure that you are able to provide the time and love needed to raise a well trained Corgi.

Find the Right Breeder

Every Breeder has a different philosophy and a preferred type. This does not make one breeder wrong or right, but helps you decide if this is the right breeder for you and your family.

If you’ve decided that we are the right breeder for you, then get in touch! We are a small kennel that does health screening and breeds dogs selectively. This means that we do not breed to fill the demand of our waiting list. We are breeding with a lot of research before every litter  and choosing the sires and dams for our puppies with much care. Our dogs are working, have a high/medium activity level. We are working with our dogs, so don’t expect their pups will be sitting in a corner.

Raising the puppies
We raise our puppies with great care, using helpful tools for their well-being, like ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and   the Puppy Culture protocol to give them the best basis in socialization. We recently introduced ESI (Early Scent Introduction) too for enriching our protocols. The puppies are raised inside, taking part of our active home, where they are exposed to life in a household. When they get older they meet the outside world, other dogs, new people. They are also spending time with us individually, and we get to know their  personalities. We are doing early neurological stimulation, aggression prevention,  potty training, barrier challenges to teach them how to handle frustration and how to solve problems, manding, clicker training, impulse control, car rides, they meet different type of surfaces, water, balance pads, etc…
Our offspring is sold only to active, responsible families that are willing to stay in touch with the breeder even after taking the puppy home, because, as the breeders we feel responsible for Treowecorgi bred dogs for the rest of their lives!
As the puppies grow, we try to take weekly portraits of them so that you can watch them grow.  All photos are posted to our facebook page and on the puppies page here on the website, so please make sure to look  for new photos there. 

Puppies are chosen by us and the future families together, taking care to do good matches between the puppy and its new family. We don’t normally do any sort of standardized temperament testing because we are around the puppies so much, and we can see everything about them in a more natural environment and to get a complex view about every puppy.

All Puppies get a vet checkup around 7-8 weeks old. The puppies are dewormed for prevention of parasites  several times and vaccinated.

The future family will receive a Puppy Training Protocol with instructions and recommendations from us for the future with the puppy. This includes information like: Puppy Proofing, Feeding/Water, Socialization/ Training, Potty Training, Vaccinations/Deworming, Flea/Tick Preventation, and other things that we feel are important and useful to know when getting a new puppy!

We choose our future babies owners with big care.
We care and we want the best for them! Keep that in mind 🙂