News 2020



Pregnancy was confirmed! <3



We proudly announce the mating between Ramsey (Born to Be Your Dance With The Devil) and Pipacs (I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas ) on the 13th-15th November 2020. We expect our first litter mid January 2021.
For more information please visit our „Planned Litters” page.


A new chapter in our kennels life!!! A New member, a new dream a new opportunity!!!
Let us introduce our first male at Treowecorgi
Meet LOUIS aka Born to Be Your Morning Dreams Come Treowe

We got this wonderful opportunity from Sándor  and Alexandra Trefán of Born to Be kennel in Hungary!

He is a lovely tricolor baby of great pedigree and genetics, free of all testable hereditary diseases in the breed and as an addition he is a natural bobtail! Beside the lovely health stats he is a super cute, people oriented active boy of great character and temperament! He fit in in a second! <3


judge: Kotlár Róbert
Pipacs started her H.CH collection



Very proud of our little super girl Pipacs😊
We attended the
7. Corgi Terelőnap és Olimpia,
Monorierdő Party Camping
and She rocked !🎸
I. Place in obstacle course🤸
II. Place in all you can eat 🍲
Aaaand II. PLACE SUPREME WINNER 🏆 ❤️❤️❤️ overall out of 72 Corgis
She run under 3 sec (2, 86) ⚡ in acceleration race.
Was perfect at call-up race. Punctual , fast and focused on me .💯
In Royal corgi role she was perfect as well 👑
She played the roll of a mummy in the costume competition 🎭
Unfortunately we couldn’t herd any sheep cause there was only HIT and she already passed the HWT 🐑 exam 2 weeks ago ( wonder corgi ) 🏆
She can’t be more perfect than She is
Love you to the moon and back 😘
Thank you Alexandra Trefán – Török and Sándor Trefán
for organizing this wonderful event!
Thank you
Kristina Kazlauskaitė Gresevičienė
for this nice girl who was a great base to work from .
We met some relatives, old and new friends!
It was a memorable day!!!

NHAT/HWT exam – Vasad (HUN)

I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas „Pipacs”

NHAT: Passed – Excellent

HWT: Passed – Excellent 90/100 points
IHT-1 TS: 5th place 65/100 points

With This outstanding results Pipacs is the very first Corgi to pass a HWT exam in Hungary and also the one and only Corgi to pass the HWT on the territory of Ex Yugoslavia! We are super proud of our talented and capable girl!!!!


Finally, our first dog show after the quarantine!

judge: Natalija Zeljic

I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas “Pipacs”
intermediate class: Ex1, CAC, CACIB, BEST OF BREED!!!!
with this result she fulfilled the conditions for the SERBIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION TITLE!!!


New health results!

I Sing Bohemian Rhapsody Valhalos Sargas “Pipacs”

HD: B, ED 0/0 and Eyes Clear (PRA, MRD, CAT, PPM…)
and DNA results:
DM: Carrier, vWD1: Normal, EIC: Normal, MDR1: Normal, HUU: Normal, PRA: Normal
Dilute and Fluffy: Carrier, PRA: Normal, S-locus: S/S

Time to plan our first corgi litter for autumn 2020!!! Excited!!!